January 2018 Newsletter

Harmony Township News Letter
Volume 1-2018
January 20,2018

Dear Property Owners,

Hello from the first newly elected Board of Directors for Harmony Township.

The past year has been an exciting one for Harmony Township. After more than 10 years things are starting to happen in our community. The first home to be built in eight years was completed and we welcome the new members of our community Kevin and Justine Rhoads. Other homes are already being planned for 2018 so if you have been thinking of building now may be a good time.

The new board would like your input on things that you would like to have done in Harmony Township. The new board had its first meeting (12-13-17) and addressed many of the items that needed to be handled such as seeking bids to address the erosion problem where the road crosses Harmony Creek and road signs along with conducting an analysis of our account with Santee Electric in an effort to determine exactly what we are paying each month for street lights.

We are trying to work on ways to promote Harmony Township as a wonderful place to live. If you have any ideas please share them with the board. Our goal is to make the dream we all have about Harmony Township a reality. The future of our community is up to all of us working together.

There are currently a group of volunteers that are working on addressing the marina with routine maintenance being done on a regular basis. This should help attract new owners to Harmony Township.

We are planning a Spring Fundraiser for the marina, dock clean up and picnic at the marina between April 2nd thru the 7th.

We still need contact information for many of you, an email address and phone numbers so we can update our files and keep you informed about your community. So please go to the Harmony Township web page and update your information.